Internet communities are really the key to getting your money's worth out of the internet. They are, in a way, what the internet was made for. Those of you who've been around a bit, and are probably part of some internet community yourselves, will know what I'm talking about. For those who haven't, this will probably all seem rather weird and silly.

I'm sort of in a period of transition between internet communities. My old modding haunts, I don't really have the time or interest for any more. Opening that tab just doesn't excite me. I suppose I'm looking for greener pastures, or perhaps just a change.

I had a few considerations. The Goons at SA seemed like they had a certain affinity but I wasn't ready to make that jump. I considered settling down at the new hotness that is Reddit. At first this seemed to work out, but with the growing user base the undying circlejerk became too much. The site is just a parody of itself. It pulled in with its popularity the same trolls and idiots that populate YouTube and 4chan. Either way, it was clear reddit was still going to be great for casual browsing, but I wouldn't be able to settle down there without it getting under my skin.

After a bit more browsing I stumbled across Everything2.

Everything2, or E2 is a site fairly well known on the internet but lacking a massive community. You can think of it a bit like Wikipedia except it contains articles about anything a user is willing to contribute, the articles don't have to have a neutral standpoint, and content is meant to entertain rather than simply inform.

To say E2 is old is an understatement. There are members of E2 (or noders as they are called) who have been in the community for longer than I've been alive. I wouldn't be surprised if there were noders who met on E2 and are now married with children who are members of E2. This was pretty daunting but in the end I took the dive and headed in. It actually seemed like my kind of place.

Joining E2 is like entering an old western saloon and having everyone in the bar turn around to stare blankly at you. Still, once they realized I was no real threat I was left to my doodlings in the corner, in the hope that one of them might raise interest in some of the members.

So that's about it really. My new residence is at E2. You can find me and my writings here. What I write there, as you might expect, covers everything. Everything that is too everything to post here, anyway.