project lisp


BVHView is a simple viewer for the .bvh animation file format written using raylib.

project cello


Cello is a distinctive C library that brings higher level programming constructs to the language.

To allow for these higher level constructs Cello adds a runtime system on top of normal C, as well as a modern standard library with out of the box data structures and more.

Cello has garnered a lot of attention because it is seen as a method of revolutionizing the language using just a library. Something similar to what had been achieved in many of the popular javascript frameworks currently in use.

project cello

Build Your Own Lisp

Build Your Own Lisp a free to read online book I wrote about learning C and building your own programming language in under 1000 lines of code!

If that appeals to you go ahead and read it online for free today! It covers the weird and wonderful nature of Lisps, how to write beautiful code, and techniques for real world programming projects. Overall it is a fun and creative blast through a fascinating area of computer science.

project cello

./code --poetry

./code --poetry is a collection of code poems written in collaboration with a good friend of mine Chris Kerr.

It contains a set of poems, each written in the source code of a different programming language. Every poem is also a valid program which produces a visual representation of itself when compiled and run. An expanded version of the collection is also available in full colour print and e-book.

project mpc


mpc is a small but powerful parser combinator library for C.

The user can either specify languages using normal combinator functions, or specify the language using a grammar as seen in parser generators such as YACC.

Therefore users get the best of both worlds. A powerful parser generator library for quick and dirty parsing, or a parser combinator library for precise fine grained control. All in a single ANSI C source file!

project tgc


tgc is a tiny garbage collector for C.

Based on the Cello Garbage Collector, tgc provides a simple, portable, garbage collector for C which can be used to avoid memory leaks, and is easy integrated into larger programs. It also supports destructors and a few other nice features.

project corange


Corange is a small, simple, but powerful game engine written in C and OpenGL. The design is extremely flat which aids expressiveness, prototyping, and experimentation, but not at the cost of execution speed.

It comes packaged with a powerful renderer written from scratch, and a selection of demos.

project autoc

LuaAutoC / PyAutoC

LuaAutoC and PyAutoC are C libraries that can be used to automatically wrap C structs and functions for scripting APIs. This makes the job of embedding scripting languages in an application much easier.

LuaAutoC and PyAutoC work slightly differently to programs such as SWIG, which wrap C code before compile time. They instead provide a runtime system which manages interactions between the languages. This makes them very simple, but flexible and powerful.

LuaAutoC has been successfully used by several open source projects such as Darktable.

project cppcomplete


CPP_COMPLETE is a Brainfuck interpreter written in the C preprocessor.

As well as being a great project for fun and learning, it reopened the debate about the Turing Completeness of the C preprocessor. Of which I've written a short article about. I particularly like this quote by Reddit user ashultz. I only aim to please.

"like building a giant earwax candle. Notable effort but more disgusting than impressive."


  • json2c - Ever wanted to convert JSON to C literals? No? Well now you can anyway!
  • ptest - A DRY (Don't Repeat Yourself) Microtesting Framework for C.
  • imgcurses - A ncurses based image viewer that uses novel techniques to display results.
  • Python xNormal - A python wrapper for scripting the program xNormal
  • PyMark - A object markup language using Python as a front end