Updated Website & Art Reel


So I think I have come just about to the end of updating all of my stuff. This website I've finally ported to Django and it has turned out more like a blog. The thing is I found myself spending more time on somewhat random projects, writings or interesting things that couldn't easily be segmented into pages.

Which all means I have more or less officially joined the blogosphere. Still, at least I can't be found on tumblr.

In the process of doing all this I decided to move most of the art and game-dev portfolio stuff onto it's own site (so potential employers aren't too put off by orange and blue? I suppose just the need to look professional). Anyway, you can check out that website here:




And then the other thing I did was update my demo reels with new stuff. The tech reel is more or less all new (because that is what I've been mainly doing recently), so the art reel isn't that different, but still has some nice noteable additions, and is significantly shorter. That you can see here:



So there you go. Another weight off my back. Now to start applying for summer jobs.